Nestled 171 km southeast of Darwin, Kakadu National Park is a protected area within the Alligator Rivers Region. The park extends about 200 km from north to south and about 100 km from east to west, thus covering an expansive 2000 square kilometer area. The park also surrounds The Ranger Uranium Mine, which is one of the most productive uranium mines in the world. To get a perspective of the size of this enormous national park, it is about the size of Slovia or about one-third the size of Tasmania or about half the size of Switzerland.

About the Kakadu National Park

The origin of the ecologically and biologically diverse Kakadu National Park is rather interesting, as it is believed to have originated from mispronunciation of an aboriginal language “Gaagudju” which was spoken in the northern part of park. There are other theories saying the name was derived from an Indonesian word kakatuwah which got Anglicized as “cockatoo” while other fables say that the origin of the word could also be attributed from the Dutch word kaketoe and German word Kakadu.


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