Kimberley Wilderness Adventures

Address: 31 Carnarvon St, Broome WA 6725, Australia

Australian Story

It’s no secret that Australia is hallowed for its abundance of Nature’s lavish gifts of rare sites and unparalleled beauty.

In Kimberley, the highest manifestation of these gifts are expressed; the result is magnificent – the sweltering red landscapes set off against cobalt skies, towering rock faces sending pristine water crashing to the sea, secluded gorges concealing ancient rock art and stories of the Original Owners.

For over 50 years, APT, one of the original Australian companies to have pioneered the Australian travel industry, has been instrumental in revealing the secrets of the Australian Outback. Today APT is still owned by an Australian family, and is still at the lead in the industry, with several laurels to their name, including winning the much coveted ‘Best Domestic Tour Operator’ for four consecutive years. You wouldn’t ever find a better place offering you a lifetime’s worth of unforgettable adventure.

So let your latest Australian Story start here, with APT.

Geoff McGeary OAM (APT Founder & Owner)

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