Ellenbrae Homestead

Address: Gibb River Road, Durack WA 6743, Australia

One million acres of the Kimberly, Western Australia, is covered by Ellenbrae Station, approximately 230km from Kununnarra, on the Gib River Road.  Principally a cattle station, it is a popular stop over for tourists during the dry season.

Ellenbrae extends its invitation to day visitors to come up our short 5km driveway to stretch your legs in our gardens, and behold the modest splendor of our rustic Kimberley homestead, whilst taking the liberty a cup of tea or coffee, at our celebrated delicious Gibb River Road famous scones! Ellenbrae is the picture-perfect respite designed for friendly hospitality, to afford you a well-deserved relief in the course of your tour along the Gibb River Road.

Stockmen’s Cabins

$ 155

Camp Sites

$ 15