El Questro

Address: Gibb River Road, via Great Northern Highway, WA 6743

El Questro – The heart of the Kimberley

Spread in the vast and ancient landscape of Western Australia’s East Kimberley region is the feral natural beauty of El Questro, a destination like no other, which affords tourists the liberty to discover one of Australia’s last true frontiers. Everything Kimberly offers seem to come together in that 700,000 acre property, from deep gorges and majestic mountains to thermal springs, mud and salt-flats, rainforests and cascading waterfalls acres. Little wonder we designate El Questro as the heart of the Kimberley.

El Questro Station Rooms

$ 339

Tented Cabins at Emma Gorge Resort

$ 307

Powered Campsite

$ 40